Tiderace Design & Construction


Early Tiderace designs were made in wood strip to create the original master shape. These are now cut directly from a computer file by a computer controlled milling machine. The accuracy of this system ensures that boats are symmetrical and match the original design. Each boat is then evaluated, comparing computer drawn design characteristics with real-world boat performance and paddler feedback. This evaluation process, and the fact that the designers regularly paddle their own designs, inspires Tiderace to constantly refine performance elements and develop new concepts.

CONSTRUCTIONTiderace G-Core diagram

Tiderace kayaks are made with strong, durable, lightweight materials including carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass. These composite boats feature Tiderace Core Technology: a multi-layer laminate with an additional resin-supported core in the middle. This core keeps the surfaces apart and makes the laminate stiff. The outer skin is robust enough to withstand puncturing, while the core is sufficiently dense enough to withstand crushing. These performance laminates create significantly stronger, stiffer, and lighter kayaks, far exceeding the typical industry standard. 

Wet laminate deck, vacuum hull

The most affordable of the Tiderace constructions, G-Core uses a biaxial glass cloth to encapsulate the resin-supported core material. Biaxial cloths have straight fibers running in two diagonal directions. These dense, straight fibers increase the fiber to resin ratio and add stiffness to the laminate. Extra reinforcing is employed in high stress areas.

G-Core Lite
Vacuum, full core deck and hull

G-Core Lite has a lightweight core throughout both hull and deck. Fewer glass layers can be used, so weight is reduced while stiffness is maintained by the resin supported core. This laminate is the least robust of the Tiderace range, but the lighter weight provides easier handling. The stiffness is ideal for racing, fitness training, or light fast touring.

Vacuum deck and hull

The toughest and most durable of the Tiderace constructions: multiple layers create a puncture resistant glass skin outside the core. Employing only glass on the outside of the laminate makes for easy repairs. Inside, a high tensile layer of carbon/kevlar resists deformation and absorbs heavy impacts. As with all Tiderace constructions, the inside is covered with a fine glass cloth to resist foot abrasion in the cockpit.

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