General "fit" ranges (these are only general ideas based on paddler size, not paddler plus kit):

  • Romany Classic: 120-200 lb paddler
  • Romany Surf & Surf RM: 150-220 lb paddler
  • Romany Excel: 200-250+ lb paddler
  • Romany LV: 80-140 lb paddler
  • Explorer: 150-220 lb paddler
  • Explorer HV: 170-240 lb paddler
  • Explorer LV: 100-160 lb paddler
  • Pilgrim: 90-140 lb paddler
  • Pilgrim Expedition: 110-170 lb paddler
  • Latitude: 140-195 lb paddler
  • Greenlander Pro: mid-sized paddlers
  • Greenlander Race: larger paddlers
  • Triton: two mid-sized paddlers
Pilgrim Low Volume (cut down) option

Pilgrim Low Volume cut down option

"Although the entire wave is made of water, the wave is not the water. Although all of the water may turn into waves, the water is still itself."    Zhitong, circa 1124