The Latitude grew out of fact that so many mid-sized paddlers enjoyed the quickness and light edge of the Pilgrim Expedition when we wanted to paddle a longer boat, but without the additional width and volume of the Explorer.

The Latitude is fitted with the adjustable, high performance composite seat available in two widths; a long keyhole cockpit for excellent grip and control; a low rear deck for easy rolling; and a sloping bulkhead behind the seat for quick efficient emptying by simply lifting the bow. No x-rescue is necessary.

The Latitude’s extended knee bumps have moved forward for the longer legged pilot. This kayak is similar to the Pilgrim Expedition, with the stern being lengthened by 2” (50mm). This extra volume has been added immediately behind the cockpit to reduce the amount that the stern of the kayak squats when being paddled forwards.

Dimensions: 17’ 2” x 19.75”

An expedition kayak for the medium sized or slim paddler, length: 528 cm, width: 50 cm, depth: 30.5 cm, cockpit volume: 130 litres, day hatch volume: 38 litres.